About my photography

Advertising has changed photography. It shapes in contemporary society subconscious order to read it in a split second. In front of our eyes there are thousands of images every day. They are made to attract attention and generate a planned response to a potential consumer.

Photographs that I 'build' are born from a desire to resist skill's degradation of deep perception. Fondness of the patience pushes me in the direction of photographs, which cannot be taken away quickly without resulting impoverishment of the imagination of the viewer of images and impressions created by them. I work for viewers who want to listen deep inside themselves. I am opposed to photography, which trips up viewers.

I devote much attention to the way of the photographs' presentation. Printing, binding and allocation in the galleries are the processes made by myself. I do not want anyone to stand between my photography, and its recipient. I want to show respect for the viewer and simultaneously oppose a growing negligence in the presentation of photographs in the galleries.